ECDIS Marine Display

The Marine Bridge System LCD is an extraordinary display design with transflective panel, color calibrated for ECDIS compliance, dimming brightness, projective capacitive multi-touch screen, capacitive touch keys for quick function access and display control front panel control, wide voltage range power input acceptable, and anti-corrosion.

R15L600-MRA3FP 15" Flat P-Cap Marine Display

Panel_Display Resolution  : 1024 x 768
Panel_Contrast Ratio  : 700:1 (typ.)
Panel_Brightness  : 400cd/m2 (typ.)

R19L300-MRA1FP 19" Flat P-Cap Marine Display

Panel_Display Resolution  : 1280 x 1024
Panel_Contrast Ratio  : 1000:1 (typ.)
Panel_Brightness  : 350cd/m2 (typ.)

W24L100-MRA1FP 24" Flat P-Cap Marine Display

Panel_Display Resolution  : 1920 x 1080
Panel_Contrast Ratio  : 5000:1 (typ.)
Panel_Brightness  : 350cd/m2 (typ.)

W26L100-MRA1FP 26” Flat P-Cap Marine Display

Panel_Display Resolution  : 1920x1200
Panel_Contrast Ratio  : 1500:1 (typ.)
Panel_Brightness  : 350cd/m2 (typ.)