Intel® Baytrail Military PC

Intel® Bay Trail N2930 G-WIN Military Panel PCs with fanless, low power but high performance platform design, great ability for anti-shock & vibration. Both great mobility and robust design fitting the demands for every harsh environment applications such as logistics, transportation/ fleet management, heavy vehicles, utility and also outdoor usage.

W10IB3S-MSH1(HB) W10IB3S-MSH1(HB)  Intel® Baytrail Military PC
Size: 10.1" TFT (Widescreen)
Resolution :1024 x 600
Contrast Ratio :800:1 (typ.)
Brightness : 450 cd/m2(typ.)
Processor : IntelR CeleronR Bay Trail-M N2930 1.83GHz 

R12IB3S-MSM2(HB) R12IB3S-MSM2(HB)  Intel® Baytrail Military PC
Panel_Size : 12.1" TFT (Widescreen)
Panel_Display Resolution :1024 x 768
Panel_Contrast Ratio :700:1 (typ.)
Panel_Brightness : 500 cd/m2(typ.)Optional for high brightness 1000 cd/m2 (typ.)
Processor : IntelR CeleronR Bay Trail-M N2930 1.83GHz