P-Cap Multi-touch PPC (Chassis type)

Winmate flat resistive touch solution will work with a finger, gloved finger, a metal or nonconductive stylus, a credit card as well as a long finger nail. This resistive touch solution will fulfill all user's needs in the harsh industrial environment

21.5” C-Series HMI
21.5” C-Series HMI 21.5” C-Series is the largest size HMI in the current product line. Suitable for Self-service kiosk applications, Virtual concierge and Wayfinding stations. All-in-one system is easy to install and has all the important features onboard, plus second storage and additional USB ports for better connectivity. Empowered with the new generation of ultra-low power Intel ® Atom CPU and chipset, the HMI can deliver stable performance.
10.4” C-Series HMI
10.4” C-Series HMI Interactive and smart 10.4” C-Series HMI is suitable for home automation, room management systems and self-service kiosks. The smallest size in this product line can perfectly fit in confined spaces. Front IP65 sealing guarantee protection from water and dust indoors. HMI can provide real time booking status or schedule updates by connecting to centralized database. Or it can perform as a synchronous display in meetings.
M-Series HMI Multi-funtion Design 10.4"~21.5"
M-Series HMI Multi-funtion Design 10.4 M-Series HMI is designed to provide versatile and cost-effective solution for your industrial needs. P-cap multi-touch screen equipped with industrial motherboard offers various input/ output connectors. Intel® Atom™ or Intel® Core™ i5 processors onboard with fanless cooling system assure steady performance and silent functioning. M-Series HMI perfectly fits in applications where total costs of ownership (TCO) and quick recovery of failure is important. The flexible system design provides easy access to components and can be serviced by local maintenance team. Versatile, easy-to-service and upgradable M-Series HMI is the best solution for industrial automation.
15" S-series HMI
15 Winmate extends S-Series product line by offering HMI with 15” screen size to satisfy the demand for larger screens in building or industrial automation. It features ultra-low power consumption, and replaceable 2.5” SATA Drive. With PoE onboard it can transfer both the data and electrical power, resulting in a reduction of installation costs and power consumption. In addition, true flat surface is easy-to-clean and designed to avoid clogged dust and water on the edges.