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Winmate provides fully considered platforms with a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers and marketing professionals, to allow you deliver your solutions to market in a record time.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage Digital signage is the most powerful tool which can help you promoting your product. We provide one of the kind Digital Signage Platform for ANY applications.
Interactive From interactive Digital Signage thru Touch or Push bottons up to the operator's interaction on the Network Player to manage the Players, Winmate has the full range interactive platform.
Mobile Mobile computer is a new trend with rugged and user-friendly features for more applications.
Rugged Following serious testing criteria in shock, vibration, thermal, water-dust proof and anti-corrosion, our Rugged series product can survive and have great performance in harsh environment.
Automation Innovate your facility management / environmental monitoring system with Winmate automation solutions.
Marine Our Marine Bridge System Displays fulfilling most of maritime application as Radar, ECDIS mapping, and AIS systems. With transflective file & dimming enhancing the functionality would be great in operating.
Customized We deliver value-added modularized-technology solutions for our customers. Our customized products are varying from customer to customer, from idea, design, hardware & software development, customer approval, package design to mass production and delivery.
Green We put the environmental concern in the first priority and increasingly use green technologies on product design for less waste, more efficient energy consumption and ultimately lower CO2 emissions.
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