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With a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers and marketing professionals, Winmate provides fully considered platforms to allow you delivering solutions to market in a record time.

Vehicle Mounted Computer
Vehicle Mounted Computer In the warehouse environment, the ability to mount mobile devices and computers to forklifts, trucks, and inventory pickers, is essential. Winmate's full line of rugged vehicle-mount computers, designed to fit seamlessly into warehouse vehicles, will help minimize errors, streamline ordering and inventory management, and improve operational efficiencies.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Winmate offers ATEX and Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certified solutions for maintaining safe operations and collecting detailed, sensitive data in remote rig and pipeline locations.
Military Winmate militarysolution is the best assistant in mission-critical operations even under burning sun or on a dusty ground. Mobile and rugged, our devices guide you to the right direction for accomplishing critical tasks.
Marine Winmate’s new line of multi-touch Marine Display and Panel PC goes beyond that of the standard industrial marine computers with elegant and edge-to-edge design, rugged construction, high performance, and flexible mounting options.
Warehousing Improve operation efficiencies, maximize space, raise throughput, streamline materials handling and cut costs with our warehousing solutions. Winmate is your reliable and innovative partner in warehousing and material handling systems automation.
Transportation With many years of experience in various digital signage applications, Winmate providesreliable bus digital signage solutions and would like to invite you to explore this huge potential market.
GIS A Geographic Information System (or GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographical data. Winmate solutions designed to streamline data collection on the field.
Healthcare Winmate healthcare solutions specifically designed for use by clinicians and nurses across healthcare environments. Rugged, wireless and robust
Winmate new medical certified Rugged Tablet PC helps to handle various healthcare issues.
Public Safety
Public Safety With Winmate public safety solutions police officer can make better decisions more quickly using network resources in real time. Mobile and rugged tablets and PDA provide wireless connectivity, multi-touch interface, sunlight readable screen and waterproof housing. No matter where the job takes you, Winmate solutionhelps to efficiently accomplish operations.
Restaurants With human depending on the Internet and digital communications in ever increasing numbers, now we can do more and more things and be efficient in the kitchen. Following this trend, Winmate releases a complete solution for ideal kitchen bundle in fast-food restaurant applications.
Tourism For digital signage tourist guiding systems, Winmate provides afull range of full IP65/ NEMA4 signage solution. With or without interactive touch screen, the tourist signage can always bring the most informative and entertaining multimedia contents to the tourists.
Museum Winmate provides a wide range of interactive display systemsfrom 8.4” to 42” that fits in different interiors and even in confined spaces of museums. With interactive touch screen, the museum signage can always bring the most informative and heritage multimedia content to visitors.
Zoo As digital signage is moving from indoor to outdoor applications, the problem of finding a dependable integrated system solution becomes more and more important and complex. With many years of experience in various digital signage systems and its reliable rugged solutions, Winmate launches an elaborate outdoor signage to conquer various types of tough environments.
Education School is a place for learning and innovating, and usually acts as a pioneer of new technology. Winmate's campus bundle allows schools to display instant multimedia content and manage it efficiently across campuses over Internet. Winmate solutions not only attract the attention of students, but also provide you a more efficient communication channel.