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Full Range display Interface Industrial Displays
Through Winmates own design LCD controller board, we can accept our customers various video signals and convert them into the most popular TFT-LCD panel from 3.5 up to 56 .
Flexible ID Mechanical Design Industrial Displays
Display is not only a gismo which can show something on the screen.More demands and imaginations are now imposed on it.To be ruggedized?Touchscreen to be integrated?Being able to perform some functions like PC? To implement these requests is not a dream but the question comes first is how to put all related electric components together in such a limited place.We are the expert in the field of mechanical design and provide four basic types, including panel mount, IP65 front bezel, open frame and chassis to meet all kinds of industrial applications.
FSB Panel PC
In personal computers, the Front Side Bus (FSB) is the bus that carries data between the CPU and the northbridge.Depending on the processor used, some computers may also have a back side bus that connects the CPU to the cache. This bus and the cache connected to it are faster than accessing the system memory via the front side bus.
Fuses Power Supply
A piece of wire is connected between two metal ends. The two metal ends of the fuse are connected by either a tube of glass or plastic which surrounds the wire. If too much current flows, the wire overheats and melts. This interrupts the power supply, and the equipment stops working until the problem that caused the overload is identified and the fuse is replaced.
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