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Optical Bonding Industrial Displays
By using the Adhesive whose refractive index is very close to Glass and Panel (Polarizer glass), it can help to reduce the reflection happen when light transmit through glass and panel.
Overload Protection Power Supply
Power supplies should have some type of overload protection. Overload protection is important to protect the electronic equipment hooked up to the power supply and to also prevent overheating, which could potentially lead to an electrical fire. Fuses and circuit breakers are two of the more frequent mechanisms used for overload protection.
Overcurrent Power Supply
In electricity supply, overcurrent or excess current is a situation where a larger than intended electric current exists through a conductor, leading to excessive generation of heat and the risk of damaging infrastructure and equipment and causing fires. Possible causes for overcurrent include short circuits, excessive load, and incorrect design. Fuses, circuit breakers, temperature sensors and current limiters are commonly used protection mechanisms to control the risks of overcurrent.
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