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Schedule Control Digital Signage
RTC is a system time recording feature. RTC allows the system to retrieve the stored data and power ON/OFF automatically according to pre-defined schedule.
Sunlight Readable Industrial Displays
Transflective LCD technology can be applied to certain selected regular TFT LCD to introduce the LCD with a reflective function. With the imposed reflective function, the modified LCD can reflect the ambient light passing the LCD cell and utilize the reflected light beams as its illumination. The stronger the ambient light is, the brighter the LCD will appear. As a result, the modified LCD is viewable under lighting conditions including direct sunlight.
SDRAM refers to synchronous dynamic random access memory, a term that is used to describe dynamic random access memory that has a synchronous interface. Traditionally, dynamic random access memory (DRAM) has an asynchronous interface which means that it responds as quickly as possible to changes in control inputs. SDRAM has a synchronous interface, meaning that it waits for a clock signal before responding to control inputs and is therefore synchronized with the computer's system bus. The clock is used to drive an internal finite state machine that pipelines incoming instructions. This allows the chip to have a more complex pattern of operation than asynchronous DRAM which does not have a synchronized interface.
SecureTouch Surface Wave Touch Industrial Displays
Flat-screen SecureTouch products are made of extra-tough glass substrates that resist vandalism. These touchscreens incorporate the solid-glass and coating-free construction of Elo's proven IntelliTouch products.

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Surface Capacitive Touch Industrial Displays
The surface capacitive touchscreens provide a solution for customers seeking an alternative to the currently available capacitive options. The transparent protective coating makes the sensor resistant to scratches and abrasions. Touch performance is unaffected by everyday abuse and mishaps such as dirt, dust, condensation, liquid spills, contaminants or cleaning solutions. And the Elo-designed controller responds to quick, light touches, and operates drift-free even in areas of poor grounding.

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SDI SDI Converter
Serial Digital Interface (SDI) is a standard for digital video transmission over coaxial cable. The most common data speed is 270 megabits per second (Mbps). However, speeds of up to 540 Mbps are theoretically possible. Standard 75-ohm cable is used. This is the same type of coaxial cable used in most home television (TV) installations.
Slate computers Rugged Tablet PC
Slate computers, which resemble writing slates, are tablet PCs without a dedicated keyboard. For text input, users rely on touching the screen with a fingertip or stylus or by using an external keyboard can usually be attached via a wireless or USB connection. These tablet PCs typically incorporate small (8.4-14.1 inches) LCD screens and have been popular for quite some time in vertical markets such as health care, education, and field work. Slate models are often designed with a focus on mobility and/or ruggedness, eliminating moving parts that could hinder these qualities.

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Schedule Digital Signage
Defines the time when a playlist will start or stop playing. A Playlist could be repeated every day, or could be loaded at a specific date or day, depend on the Event.
Single-board computer Embedded Systems
Single-board computers (SBCs) are complete computers built on a single circuit board. The design is centered on a single or dual microprocessor with RAM, IO and all other features needed to be a functional computer on the one board.
Serial ATA Panel PC
The Serial ATA computer bus is a storage-interface for connecting host bus adapters (most commonly integrated into laptop computers and desktop motherboards) to mass storage devices (such as hard disk drives and optical drives). Conceptually, SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is a 'wire replacement' for the older AT Attachment standard (ATA). Serial ATA host-adapters and devices communicate via a high-speed serial cable.
Short circuit Power Supply
A short circuit (sometimes abbreviated to short or s/c) in an electrical circuit is one that allows a current to travel along a different path from the one originally intended. The electrical opposite of a short circuit is an "open circuit", which is an infinite resistance between two nodes. It is common to misuse "short circuit" to describe any electrical malfunction, regardless of the actual problem.
SXGA General
SXGA(Super eXtended Graphics Array) refers to a standard monitor resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. The 1280×1024 resolution is not the standard 4:3 aspect ratio, but 5:4 (1.25:1 instead of 1.333:1).
SVGA(Super Video Graphics Array) General
SVGA refers to 800x600 resolution.
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