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Digital Signage in Campus

Digital Signage Education Campuses

Winmate provides all-in-one digital signage solution for campuses as a median not only to clean up cluttered bulletin board, but also offer school officials a way to communicate directly to students. One of greatest benefits of our digital signage systems is that school officials no longer need to walk through acres of campus buildings updating school events. Everything can be controlled through our signage content manager for easy update on multiple signage display from one single location — providing up to date information about campus events, special classes, faculty appointments, research, and news. With thousands of student spread across multiple buildings, our digital solution is able to help schools to go green, go paperless, go economize and save time.

Content Management System

Our digital signage solution comes with all the necessary digital signage hardware and software. Our software is simple, easy, and quick to use, suitable for school officials/students to update their content by push of a button. Our on-campus digital signage is simple to deploy: Simply locate the greatest amount of student congregate at any time and it can become a hotspot for digital message systems.

Solution Example

Case Study

Digital Signage Solution for Engineering College of National Taiwan University

The Engineering College of National Taiwan University was created in 1945. Covering all the important engineering fields, the College of Engineering comprises five departments with both undergraduate and graduate programs and six independent graduate institutes. Aim at achieving Asian No1. and with further effort to rank as one of the top engineering colleges worldwide.

Winmate's campus bundle has been installed in the No1.Taiwanese university in Taiwan: the Nation Taiwan University. Engineering College of National Taiwan University is now able to display school news, teaching materials, and public information in various formats such as videos, images, scrolling texts, and Flash animations. They also broadcast live videos, such as TV programs and the graduation ceremony, which takes place every year in the auditorium.

Winmate help Engineering College of NTU to complete

  • Replacing paper poster and bulletin board.
  • Broadcasting information and multimedia across Engineering College Building.
  • Providing students, teachers, school staff and visitors with an environment with real-time information.


Distributing instant message and news to students

With Winmate's campus bundle, you can utilize advanced multimedia and network technologies to set up an internal information network for students, teachers, staff, and visitors across campus.

A state-of-the-art e-learning environment

Campus broadcasting plays an important role in e-learning environment. Integrating with your information system to create a communication channel, helping teachers to announce course affair across campus. Ex. Course table, course exchange announcement, course information..etc

Building an e-platform for students to broadcast their artwork and ideas.

This implementation gives a brand new identity to the school where students actively participate in content creating and also a platform for them to show their creativity. This makes teachers and students a more closed relationship..

Green electronics, eliminate the use of paper poster

Winmate's Campus Bundle can help you to reduce the use of paper, replacing traditional billboard and paper poster which is friendly to our environment and makes the world a better place.

Hardware Specs

  • 26" MSS350 Chassis / W26LS01-CHA2PG