Conference System


Do you ever feel the inconvenience and low efficiency of attending a large size of class or conference such as unable to participate well, taking long time to collect feedback from a large audience and so on?

Detecting demands of high quality and efficiency of a conference or class, Winmate Communication Inc has launched a Interactive Conference System that allows users to enhance the quality of medium to large sized meeting environments, lowering the operation cost.


Through the central control function of Winmate Interactive Conference System, teachers are able to monitor the content students can see from the screen. Students, on the other hand, can choose what they need to watch by touching the trigger button on the screen. This system also supports MiFare card reader which allows schools to record student’s attendance rate and the participation status.


Winmate conference system provides touch function for voting which increases conference efficiency and save operation cost.


The document management in the Conference System provides a platform for users to store their files, do presentation as well as relay real-time conference broadcast.


  • Slides Show
  • Web Conference
  • Synchronized Broadcasting
  • File Sharing
  • Speech Log
  • Voting Function
  • Bulletin
  • Scrolling Text Marquee
  • HTML

Special Specifications

  • Capture Card
  • Multi Card Reader
  • Simultaneous Oral Translation