Petrol Station Bundle

Rugged Solution for Petrol Station

Most petrol station is in semi-outdoor environment, and normal digital signage is vulnerable to rain and dust. Winmate's Full IP65 Panel PC design in stainless steel housing ensures long lifetime and durability of out products in public applications. Winmate also adopt the water and dust proof technology in our digital signage to make sure your digital signage can work in the harsh environment. Moreover digital signage is much better than traditional paper poster in the way of flexibility to gas price changing, ad content update, and information broadcasting. It is the best timing to catch vehicle driver’s attention while they fill up the tank. The advertising power will also rapidly raise your revenue.

Solution Example


Change gas price more conveniently and immediately

With the change of gas price in international market, Winmate's digital signage can help you to change your sell price immediately through internet. In this way,all your branches can change price at the same time.

Catch customer’s eye from the start to the end

With Winmate's delicate digital signage software MSO Gold, you can design your attractive screen, show promotion video, product poster and instant message. Moreover, digital signage can also attract driver’s attention easily who pass through your petrol station.

Increase revenue

Petrol station is a place where so many people pass in and out, how to catch customer's attention and make them spend more money or receive more ADs information in your station becoming a new way to increase your revenue. Winmate' gas bundle will help you to

All-Weather design

The petrol station bundle is designed for any weather condition. For strong sunlight we provide Sunlight readable option, for cold weather we provide heater option.

Easy to use and maintain

Winmate has successfully combined panel pc with our Full IP 65 mechanies and brought it into petrol station applications. The water and dust proved Full IP65 design In stainless steel housing ensures long lifetime and durability of out door products in public applications.

Software introduction - MSO Gold

Advanced Solution for middle scale Digital Signage Networks with more features
(# of player suggested: max. 2000)

  • create up to 5 zones of media display
  • setup a picture as background
  • define your own layout define
  • different interface of trigger

event (IR / keypad / RS232. / GPS / LAN / motion detect)