2021/06/03 Freight Transportation Systems with Winmate Marine Series
2021/05/20 Connecting Patient Care and Make Every Second Matter
2021/05/06 Choose Winmate ODM-OEM Services for Your Next Rugged Device
2021/04/15 Take Safety to the Next Level with a ATEX and Class I Certified
2021/03/18 Winmate 21.3” PCAP Rack Mount Rugged Display ready for deployment in military, industrial, air traffic control and marine sectors.
2021/02/25 Nationwide Connection: Verizon Wireless and PTCRB Certified Devices
2021/02/04 Winmate Stainless P Series Panel PCs and Displays Feature New Design
2021/01/21 Winmate Receives 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award for Ultra-Rugged Tablet M133 Series
2021/01/14 Winmate Industrial HMI Panel PCs Support 9th Gen. Intel® Core™ i3/ i5/ i7 Processor (Coffee Lake Refresh)
2021/01/07 Winmate’s Next Generation E430RQ8 Rugged Handheld Computer with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660
2020/12/22 Healthcare Facilities Access Control Solution with Winmate HMI Panel PCs
2020/12/10 Winmate FM10Q Android Vehicle Mounted Computer That Works in Any Environment
2020/11/26 Success Story: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Automation with Winmate Stainless Series
2020/11/12 Product Review: Winmate M101P-ME Rugged Tablet PC on RuggedPC Review
2020/10/29 Smarter, Faster, Tougher Automation Systems with Winmate M101 Rugged Series
2020/10/22 Winmate CEO Ken Lu Honored as One of the “10 Best CEOs of 2020” by Industry Era
2020/10/15 Choosing the Right Computer for Forklift and Fleet Management
2020/10/08 Winmate Recognized By CIO Bulletin's 30 Most Innovative Companies To Watch 2020
2020/10/01 Winmate DNV Approved Marine Panel PC and Display
2020/09/24 Winmate Awarded “10 Best Companies of 2020” by Industry Tech Outlook
2020/09/22 Stay Tuned with Winmate WinTalks Webinar Series
2020/09/17 Winmate Enterprise-Grade Tablet Computers — Powerful, Rugged, Versatile
2020/09/10 COVID-19 Accelerates Enterprise Adoption of Mobile Technologies
2020/09/03 Light and Powerful for Full Workforce Mobility: 7” Rugged Handheld Device
2020/08/27 Winmate Named Among “50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2020” by The Silicon Review
2020/08/24 Winmate IQ30 - 3.5-inch Embedded SBC Based on Qualcomm Snapdragon
2020/08/20 Strong and Sturdy for the Automotive Industry 13.3” Ultra Rugged Tablet PC
2020/08/13 Winmate W32L100-PTA1 - UHD 4K Resolution 32-inch Display Designed for Operating Room
2020/08/06 Smart Manufacturing Powered by Enterprise Mobility Solutions
2020/07/30 Winmate’s 7-inch Rugged Android Tablet M700DQ8 is SOTI MobiControl Certified
2020/07/23 Winmate Hygienic Stainless Panel PC and Display with Touchscreen
2020/07/16 Fighting COVID-19 with Winmate M101P-ME Healthcare Tablet
2020/07/09 NVIS MIL-STD-3009 Compatible Screen Now is Available on Winmate has Military-Grade Products
2020/07/02 Winmate Unveils 32-inch PT Series Custom Touchscreen Display Solutions
2020/06/30 Winmate 15.6-inch Healthcare Multi-touch Display for Diagnosis and Clinical Review
2020/06/25 High-Resolution Imaging with Winmate's Healthcare Display Series
2020/06/23 Future-Proofing Healthcare IoT with Winmate's Technologies
2020/06/18 Winmate: Top 10 Oil and Gas Tech Solution Providers 2020
2020/06/11 How the IoT is Improving Transportation and Logistics with Winmate Solutions
2020/06/04 COVID-19 Health Monitoring Solution for Businesses and Public Places
2020/05/28 A Closer View of Winmate's New M133WK Ultra Rugged Tablet
2020/05/21 Winmate Extends HMI Panel PC Product Line with Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200
2020/05/14 High Resolution Imaging with Winmate's Healthcare Display Series
2020/05/07 Fighting COVID-19 with Winmate M101P-ME Healthcare Tablet
2020/04/30 How to Clean the Touchscreen during the COVID-19 Outbreak
2020/04/23 New Winmate M133WK 13.3-inch Ultra Rugged Tablet for Demanding Applications
2020/04/16 Winmate Awarded Innovative Global Rugged Mobile Technology Developer – 2019
2020/04/09 Winmate Unleashes the New Military-Grade Ultra Rugged Tablets
2020/04/02 Future Proofing Healthcare IoT with Winmate's Technologies
2020/03/26 Winmate's Stainless Multi-Touch Panels Improve User Experience on Food Processing Equipment
2020/03/19 Winmate Unveils IBDRW100-P and IBDRW100-EX-P DIN Rail Box PC with Intel® Pentium® N4200 Processor
2020/03/12 Winmate FM10Q Vehicle Mounted Computer Now with Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 660 CPU
2020/03/05 Winmate Announces Distribution Partnership with JLT Mobile Computers
2020/02/27 Winmate Launches M116 Series 11.6” Windows Rugged Tablets
2020/02/20 Winmate’s Stainless Product Series Upgraded to SUS316/ AISI316
2020/02/11 Winmate to Showcase IoT Edge Computing and Enterprise Mobility Solutions at MODEX 2020
2020/02/06 Winmate Releases Stainless B Series with Push Buttons Panel PC and Display
2020/02/04 Winmate GS Series Full IP65 Heavy Duty Panel PC and Display
2020/01/31 Winmate M900P 8” Rugged Tablet- A True Transportation and In-Vehicle Based Solution
2020/01/22 Winmate to Showcase at Embedded World 2020
2020/01/16 Winmate Unveils 7” Rugged Arm-Based Tablet M700DQ8 with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processor
2020/01/09 Winmate Offers GC Series G-WIN Heavy Duty Panel PC and Display
2020/01/02 Winmate Collaborates with Microsoft to Accelerate IoT Deployment
2019/12/05 Winmate IoT Gateway EACFA20 is Microsoft Azure IoT Certified
2019/11/28 Winmate S Series Welcomes New Panel PCs and Display with All-Around LED Light Bar
2019/11/26 Winmate Success Story: S Series HMI for Smart Meeting Room Management
2019/11/19 Winmate to Co-exhibit with TL Electronic at SPS 2019
2019/11/12 Winmate Success Story: FM10A VMC for Urban Waste Collection
2019/10/24 Winmate to Showcase Rugged Computing for Enterprise Mobility at 2019 MES Expo
2019/10/10 Winmate’s High Performance Panel PC and HMI Terminals
2019/10/08 Winmate Extends PT-Series HMI with New Panel PC and Displays
2019/10/03 Winmate Adds New Panel PCs and Displays to Its GC-Series
2019/09/26 Winmate’s M900P Rugged Tablet for Enterprise Mobility Solutions
2019/09/24 FM10Q Vehicle Mounted Computer-Winmate’s Rugged Mobile Computing Technology
2019/09/12 Winmate’s HMI Solution for Smart Factories
2019/09/05 Winmate Unveils IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe in Panel PC and Display Options
2019/09/03 Winmate M133K Rugged Tablet on Rugged PC Review
2019/08/27 Winmate to Sponsor Buckeye Mountain’s Exhibition at IANA Intermodal Expo 2019
2019/08/22 Winmate’s Display Solutions for Mission-Critical Environments
2019/08/15 Winmate to Showcase Rugged Computing for Industrial Automation at 2019 IAS-CIIF
2019/08/08 Winmate Success Story: The Enterprise Mobility Solution Delivered by M700DM8 Rugged Tablet
2019/08/01 Winmate Listed as Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider in 2019
2019/07/26 Winmate Releases IB70 and IK70 P-Cap Open Frame Panel PC Series
2019/07/16 New Video Release : M101S Rugged Tablet Product Guide
2019/07/12 Winmate Success Story: M133K Rugged Tablet to Enhance Mobility and Productivity for Vehicle Diagnostics
2019/07/04 Winmate Success Story: IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC with Waterproof Conduit for Food Production
2019/07/01 Winmate FM10 VMC with New-Gen Sierra Wireless Global WWAN MC7455 receives Verizon Certification
2019/06/27 Winmate Refreshes GC-Series G-Win Heavy Duty Computers with New Android Arm-based CPU
2019/06/14 Computex 2019 Recap
2019/06/13 Winmate Updates PT-Series HMI Panel PCs with New Android Arm-based CPU
2019/06/06 Winmate Success Story : Operator Control HMI for Oil Drilling Rig
2019/05/30 Winmate updates 7-inch vehicle mounted computer options with Android arm-based FM07A
2019/05/23 Winmate’s M101M8 Rugged Android Tablet is SOTI MobiControl Certified
2019/05/14 Winmate’s Ultra-rugged Tablets Updated with 7th Gen. Intel Core i5 Processor
2019/05/09 Winmate Industrial IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing
2019/05/07 Winmate’s Cost-Effective, Arm-based Industrial IoT Gateway EACFA20
2019/05/02 Computex Taipei 2019 Invitation
2019/04/30 Winmate – Certified Technology for Healthcare Operations
2019/04/30 Winmate IP69K Flat P-Cap Stainless Panel PC for Food Processing Industries
2019/04/25 S-Series HMI Updated with New Arm-based CPU and Android OS
2019/04/23 Winmate IoT Gateways are Microsoft Azure IoT & AWS IoT Greengrass Certified
2019/04/18 M270TF-SDI and M320TF-SDI 4K UHD Medical Displays now available with 12G-SDI support 
2019/04/15 Winmate to Sponsor Buckeye Mountain’s Intermodal Tech Forum
2019/04/12 M900P - New 8-inch Rugged Tablet Crafted for Lightweight Mobility
2019/04/09 Winmate products for Warehouse and Logistics
2019/03/28 FM10Q – New Qualcomm-based Android Vehicle Mounted Computer
2019/03/22 Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computer Series
2019/03/14 M133K – updated 13.3-inch Rugged Tablet with 7th Gen Intel Core Processor
2019/03/07 ProMat 2019 Invitation
2019/03/06 Winmate Healthcare Solutions
2019/02/28 Winmate USB Type-C Solution on Rugged PC Review
2019/02/26 IoT Asia 2019 Invitation
2019/02/21 Winmate's Cost-Effective EL-Series Industrial HMI
2019/02/13 Winmate Compact 7-inch Vehicle-Mounted Computer - FM07
2019/02/05 Winmate IP69K Stainless Panel PC and Display Technology
2019/02/01 Winmate M101PR now available with Resistive Touchscreen option
2019/01/28 Embedded World 2019 Invitation
2019/01/15 Winmate receives BIS certification for Rugged Tablets in India
2019/01/03 Winmate obtains the latest Medical Device Quality Management Systems Standard
2018/12/11 The new M101P-ME, a Medically Certified 10.1-inch Rugged Tablet
2018/12/04 Providing reliable rugged HMI kiosk solution to one of America’s largest rail company
2018/11/30 IoT Gateway EACIL20 now Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
2018/11/27 New IoT Gateway with USB Type-C – EACIL22S
2018/11/02 SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg 2018 Invitation
2018/10/17 Modularized Design M-Series HMI featuring Intel Kaby Lake processor
2018/10/05 Winmate Success Story – A reliable vehicle mounted solution for America’s freight railroad network
2018/10/02 Winmate HMI Solutions for Smart Access Control
2018/09/28 Winmate Embedded Solutions for Industry 4.0
2018/09/25 New Stand Alone Series for USB Type-C Displays
2018/09/18 Winmate Solutions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
2018/09/11 Winmate Military Solutions
2018/09/06 Winmate Rugged Mobile Solutions for Public Safety
2018/09/05 Marine EAC Box PC I330EAC-IKW now with IEC 60945 Test Report
2018/08/30 Android 7.0 Now Available on E500RM8, M700DM8, M101M8
2018/08/29 Winmate Mobile Solutions for Vehicle Diagnostics
2018/08/23 Winmate Solutions for MobileIn-Vehicle Fleet Management
2018/08/21 New USB Type-C Display Series – Connecting everything you need through a single Cable
2018/08/17 Winmate Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry
2018/08/14 Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 Invitation
2018/08/07 M101BK on RuggedPC Review
2018/08/02 Mini-ITX Motherboard with 7th Generation Intel Core Kaby Lake CPU
2018/07/31 Winmate Solutions for Oil & Gas Applications
2018/07/26 New Winmate 15.6-inch Medical Multi-touch Display for Diagnosis and Clinical Review
2018/07/24 Android 7.0 Nougat Now Available on M700DM8, M101M8
2018/07/19 Winmate’s AIoT-Ready Solutions
2018/07/18 Winmate Privacy Policy
2018/07/17 IP67 Rated IoT Gateway for Outdoor Deployment
2018/07/10 Winmate and JLT Mobile Computers to Co-Host InfoAG Conference
2018/07/05 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2018 Invitation
2018/07/03 Winmate’s Solution for Forklift Automation
2018/06/29 Winmate Releases 7th Generation Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors for Industrial Panel PCs and Box PCs
2018/06/22 Rugged Mobile Tablet Solutions for Transportation and Logistics
2018/06/15 Winmate Updates Marine Box PC Series with Intel Kaby Lake CPU Variant
2018/06/08 The New M101BK - A Versatile vehicle-mount computer
2018/06/01 Winmate and Buckeye Mountain to Co-Host User Group Conference
2018/05/30 FM Series Adds a New 7-inch Vehicle Mount Computer – FM07
2018/05/24 Managing Your Building’s Energy Efficiency with Winmate’s E-Series HMI
2018/05/17 Winmate introduces the M101S – 2nd Generation High-Performance Update to the M101 Series
2018/05/11 COMPUTEX 2018 Invitation
2018/05/03 Winmate’s M101 Series 2nd Generation Update - Introducing the M101P
2018/04/30 Winmate’s Line of ATEX and C1D2 Certified Products for Hazardous Locations
2018/04/25 Winmate’s New Touch Monitors Feature PoE Technology
2018/04/20 Winmate 10.1-inch Android Tablet Updated: Gets Faster CPU, Increased System Memory and OS Upgrade
2018/04/09 Intel’s Kaby Lake CPU Now Available on Winmate Panel PCs and Embedded Systems
2018/03/13 Winmate Launches New IP69K Stainless Panel PC and Display
2018/01/24 Introducing Winmate's Military and Marine Solution
2018/01/08 A New Generation of Human Machine Interfaces
2017/12/15 Winmate's Stainless Rugged Series for Harsh Environment
2017/12/12 M800BW- Compact, rugged, lightweight 8-inch Windows Tablet PC for public safety, security, point-of-sale and vehicular applications
2017/12/05 Winmate High Brightness Solution for Display
2017/11/22 Winmate EAC Mini
2017/11/15 Winmate Industrial Multi-Touch Open Frame Panel PC
2017/11/14 Winmate's Full Range of Displays and Panel PCs Product Portfolio
2017/11/07 Industrial Panel PC and Display with 15-inch Multi-touch Chassis
2017/10/18 Marine Grade EAC Box with DNV certification
2017/09/28 Safety, Navigation, and Maritime Operation
2017/09/20 Winmate Equips Hospital with Advanced Mobile Tablet PC System
2017/09/13 Winmate Best Selling Product - Best Price & Fast Delivery - Multi-touch HMI Series
2017/09/06 Winmate Best Selling Product - Best Price & Fast Delivery - Rugged PDA
2017/09/04 Winmate Best Selling Product - Best Price & Fast Delivery - Rugged Tablet PCs
2017/09/01 Winmate Industrial Multi-Touch Open Frame Panel PC
2017/08/16 Winmate Industrial Multi-touch Display now with 7-inch Open Frame
2017/07/31 Operator panels for automation of heavy duty transport, agricultural machinery and other industrial applications
2017/07/25 Winmate's Full Lineup of Rugged Handhelds for Field Service, Warehouse or Inventory Management
2017/06/27 Winmate IK70SB7-111, Intel 6th Gen Based Embedded Computer for factory floor, surveillance, or machine automation
2017/06/14 Industrial Panel PC with a 32-inch full 1080p Touch Panel Display
2017/05/24 Winmate's FM10 Vehicle Mounted Computer Earns AT&T Wireless Certification
2017/05/11 Winmate's 3G-SDI Display Series
2017/04/26 Improve Boat Safety with Winmate’s Marine Panel PC and Display
2017/03/29 Winmate EAC-PRO
2017/03/28 Introducing Winmate's 32-inch Military Display Solution
2017/03/27 Winmate Industrial Multi-touch Open Frame Display : High Performing, Durable, and Sleek.
2017/03/03 Winmate's G-WIN Heavy-Duty Panel Computer: Concept and Testing
2017/03/02 Winmate's Flat Multi-touch P-Cap Panel Mount PCs and Displays
2017/02/14 Tablet PCs and Handheld PDAs Built for Rugged Environments
2017/01/23 Winmate offers G-WIN Slim IP65 Series for Heavy Duty Vehicle
2017/01/10 Winmate M800BW – Compact, Rugged, Light weight 8-inch Windows Tablet PC.
2016/12/20 LINUX / Ubuntu Now Available on Winmate Rugged Tablet PCs
2016/12/15 Case Study: Winmate 7" Rugged Tablet PC for Transportation and Logistics
2016/11/29 A look at Winmate's Flat Stainless Steel P-Cap IP65 Series
2016/10/11 New Flexible Modular Display System from Winmate
2016/10/06 G-Win Technology for Fast-Paced Transportation Services
2016/09/22 Winmate Bar-Type Panel PC and Display
2016/09/09 Winmate IHMH100 and IBMH100 Super Compact Modular PC
2016/08/26 Winmate FM10 modular vehicle-mount PC
2016/08/17 Introducing the NEW Winmate HMI Series with LINUX/Ubuntu OS
2016/08/04 C1D2 and ATEX Certified Products for Hazardous Deployment are Available Now
2016/07/26 Winmate's Solutions Evolve: Vehicle Mount Computer product line now available with Windows or Android OS
2016/07/15 S430T2 – Rugged Handheld Device with Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
2016/07/07 Technology Built for Fast-Paced Transportation Services
2016/06/20 Winmate shows E500 rugged, modern, well-equipped, highly configurable 5-inch industrial Android PDA
2016/06/08 Rugged Computing Display and Panel PC at Winmate
2016/05/20 Advanced Rugged, Mobile Technologies For Rugged Environments
2016/05/12 Winmate G-WIN 19" Panel PC - Sealed, Waterproof Panel with Intel Core i5 Processor
2016/05/05 Sleek and Durable Human Machine Interfaces
2016/04/20 Enterprise Mobility In-motion
2016/04/13 Winmate to Provide Rugged Mobile Technology to Major European Railway Operation
2016/04/01 World's Leading Logistics Suppliers Streamlines Warehouse Operations With Winmate's Vehicle-Mount Solutions
2016/03/29 Case Study: Winmate's Rugged Handheld for Environment Management
2016/03/18 C1D2 and ATEX Certified Products for Hazardous Deployment
2016/03/14 Winmate R2AP, DCI 4K Panel Control Board for High Performance Application
2016/03/08 Winmate Offers the Latest in High-Tech Automation for Intelligent Building Design
2016/03/03 We have the real solution for your vehicle-mount applications and field workers.
2016/02/23 Winmate's Latest Solution for Intelligent Automation
2016/02/15 Case Study for the Winmate E430RM4 – Efficient & Rapid Customer Service
2016/02/04 Food Production Environment Case Study
2016/01/28 Popular E430 Series Gets a New Rugged Handheld Device
2016/01/19 FM10 series Vehicle-Mount Computer Exceeds Expectations
2016/01/12 Introducing 13.3" Rugged Tablets with Three Touch Modes
2016/01/05 A New Breed of Digital Signage Solutions
2015/12/22 Introducing the NEW 10.1" Multi-Touch Flat Panel PC for Maritime Use
2015/12/07 Winmate’s Panel PCs and Rugged Tablet PCs are Now Compatible with Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.
2015/12/01 Winmate FM10 – 10.4” Vehicle-Mount Computer in the Pulp and Paper Factory
2015/11/13 Introducing Winmate's 24-inch Military and Marine Solution
2015/11/10 Please join Bartec, VDC Research, and Winmate for a free webinar
2015/11/05 Winmate Sunlight Readable Solution for Display
2015/10/27 Winmate's Introduces New Rugged Tablet PC with Adjustable Kickstand for Automotive Diagnostics
2015/10/22 How to Choose the Right Warehouse Technology to Increase ROI
2015/10/12 Winmate's full line of rugged vehicle-mount computers
2015/10/02 Winmate's Rugged M101B Tablet Series Earns Verizon Wireless Certification
2015/09/22 Harsh Environments Call for Specialized Technology: Choosing Devices for Oil and Gas
2015/09/10 New Smart Access Control Enable Office Building Intelligence
2015/09/01 Winmate S430 Series - Having the Right Rugged Handheld for Your Industry
2015/08/26 Winmate Introduces New Technologies Specifically Military Operations
2015/08/11 The Winmate M133W Combines Rugged Design with a Large,High-Resolution Display
2015/07/28 Winmate Rugged Full IP65/IP67 Panel PC and Display for Harsh Environment Application
2015/07/23 Enhance the Customer Experience with the Right Digital Signage
2015/07/14 Winmate Receives QAN and QAR Quality Assurance Directives, Expanding Opportunity for Device Use and Development
2015/07/01 Technology That Streamlines Port Logistics
2015/06/25 Winmate IH7T-RK2U, Rugged, versatile embedded automation controller with Intel "Haswell" processor technology
2015/06/18 Handheld PDAs Built for Rugged Environments
2015/06/16 Why are consumer tablets not fit for industrial work?
2015/06/04 Introducing the Winmate G-WIN Series for Rugged Environments
2015/05/29 Solving Communications Challenges in the Hospital with the Right Technology
2015/05/22 Aesthetically pleasing 19" Marine Panel PC for Luxury Yacht
2015/05/21 Winmate Contracted to Deploy 300 Servers Throughout Uruguay
2015/05/19 Finding the Right Rugged Computer for Your Warehouse
2015/05/14 New Multi-Touch, Industrial-Grade PC Brings Power and Performance to Maritime
2015/05/07 Introducing Winmate Fanless Intel Bay Trail N2930–powered DIN Rail Box PC
2015/04/29 Introducing Winmate's Industrial Embedded PCs Series
2015/04/24 Carrying On Service And Support for DAP Technologies Tablets
2015/04/17 Winmate Introduces Optical Bonding Design and Manufacturing
2015/04/14 M101 Tablet Now Available with Smart Card Reader
2015/04/10 Streamline Performance with Multi-Touch Panel PC and PoE Touch Monitors
2015/04/07 Winmate's New Haswell Panel PCs Bring Unrivaled Speed To Rugged Industries
2015/03/26 Thin and light 10.1" Rugged Tablet PC for Harvester
2015/03/24 Why Certified-Safe Devices Are Important in the Medical Field
2015/03/19 Winmate M101M4 rugged tablet
2015/03/11 Using Vehicle-Mounted Technology to Streamline Warehouse Operations
2015/03/06 The Rugged Handheld Device That's Streamlining Courier Services
2015/03/04 Next-Gen Rugged Industrial Android PDA Delivers Speed and Efficiency
2015/02/24 4G LTE Meets Rapid Processing Power In A Rugged Tablet Format
2015/02/16 Winmate Secures $7M Contract With Latin American Telecommunications Co.
2015/02/10 Winmate Teams With Meeting Magic To Advance Building Automation
2015/02/04 How The Right Technology Can Bring Efficiency and Connectivity to Forklifts and Vehicles
2015/01/27 Winmate G-WIN IP67 19" Panel PC
2015/01/16 Winmate IV7 Embedded Server PC
2015/01/13 Introducing The Latest Mountable Technology For Rugged Environments
2015/01/08 Winmate IH83 Rugged Tablet PC
2015/01/05 Accessories That Ensure Uninterrupted Productivity Anywhere
2014/12/19 Winmate's rugged E430M2 Handheld Device Automates Store and Warehouse Efficiencies with Customized Software
2014/12/17 How RFID and the M101B Tablet Increase Operational Performance
2014/12/12 The Next Generation of Rugged HMI Technology Has Arrived
2014/12/04 Bay Trail Din rail Box PC - Winmate IBDR
2014/11/27 M101H – Intel Core i5-4200U (Haswell) Version of Winmate's 10.1" Rugged Tablet PC
2014/11/24 New Multi-Touch Panel PC Brings Beauty and Power to Digital Display
2014/11/19 Winmate S2AP, 4K2K Panel Control Board for High Performance Application
2014/11/12 Winmate Brings Automation and Efficiency to Electricity Delivery Systems
2014/10/23 Why ATEX Certification is a Requirement
2014/10/13 How DPM Streamlines Asset Identification and Tracking in the Warehouse
2014/10/03 How Push to Talk (PTT) Speeds and Streamlines Communications
2014/09/26 Winmate Introduces Its Most Powerful With True Flat P-Cap Technology
2014/09/18 Streamlining Transportation and Logistics – Warehouse to Store
2014/09/10 Third gen of Winmate's rugged industrial Android-based PDA with 4.3-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA sunlight-viewable display adds replaceable, more powerful battery
2014/09/04 What is the true cost of your mobile device?
2014/08/21 A Look At Winmate's Stainless Steel Full IP67 Series
2014/08/15 Automated Ticketing Access for Stadium or Other Venues by Winmate and OTOT Electronics
2014/08/12 Winmate's M101B for Direct Store Delivery Application Video
2014/08/07 Winmate's C350 Series Now Available With 2D Barcode Reader or 1D Laser Scanner
2014/08/04 Rugged Computing for Inventory Management
2014/07/30 Winmate's M101B for Warehouse and Inventory Management Application Video
2014/07/28 Winmate's All-In-One Signage Display using Intel's 4th Gen HaswellOPS Module
2014/07/22 Winmate's rugged panel pc's now offered with Intel Haswell Processors
2014/07/17 Next-Generation Vehicle Diagnostic Systems Enable Auto Manufacturers to Test and Build Safer Cars More Efficiently
2014/07/16 Winmate's M101B for Product management and asset tracking application video.
2014/07/14 Addition of Industrial Widescreen Products into Our Bay Trail PPC lineup
2014/07/09 Accessories Guide for Winmate E430M2 and E430RM2
2014/07/04 Winmate M101B Product Video
2014/07/02 Winmate 10.4-inch Rugged Panel Computer for Visitor Management in stadiums and arenas
2014/06/26 Winmate's Full Lineup of Rugged Handhelds and Tablet PCs for Warehouse or Inventory Management
2014/06/24 Winmate's Stainless Full IP65 Panel Computers Series with Intel Baytrail
2014/06/17 Case Study – Rugged Tablet PC for Vehicle Diagnostic
2014/06/13 The New E430RM2, Winmate's Fully Rugged Handheld Now with a Replaceable Battery
2014/06/10 Winmate's Military Grade Rugged Console Panel PC and Display
2014/06/06 Winmate's Windows Based Rugged Tablet PCs
2014/05/29 Intel 4th Gen Haswell Version of Winmate's Ultra Rugged Tablet PC
2014/05/21 Winmate Flat Touch Panel Computer Series
2014/05/15 WinMate's M101B: Powerful, Rugged, Windows 8.1 and NOW extremely mobile on any 4G/LTE network.
2014/05/14 Winmate's new Panel PC is the first quad-core powered Industrial Panel Computer with Windows® 8.1 integration
2014/05/08 Winmate Full IP65 Stainless Panel PC Designed to Withstand Environmental Factors in Food Processing Industry
2014/05/05 Come and Visit Winmate at Computex 2014
2014/04/29 Next Generation of Winmate G-Win Series with Intel’s® latest quad-core Bay Trail processor
2014/04/23 Winmate OMIS-OPS with PTCRB Certification
2014/04/21 M101B – 10.1" Rugged Tablet with Intel's latest "Baytrail" Platform
2014/04/14 Successful Case:Winmate Rugged Tablet PC with Vehicle Docking for the Fleet Management
2014/04/08 Winmate Multi-touch Flat Panel PC with Intel "Bay Trail" Processor
2014/04/02 Winmate High Brightness LCD Kits
2014/03/27 I330EAC-ID3, Marine Grade EAC Box Now With DNV Certification
2014/03/25 Class 1 Division 2 Stainless Steel Panel PC and Display for Hazardous Area Deployment
2014/03/19 Successful Case - Coca-Cola Sales Force Automation
2014/03/14 Winmate Marine Grade Panel PC with Intel Core i7-3517UE
2014/03/11 Winmate Industrial Panel PC with Intel's new "Bay Trail" Processor
2014/03/05 Winmate Rugged Android-Based Handheld and Tablet PC series
2014/02/24 Winmate E430M2 Now with Motorola 2D Imager Scan Engine
2014/02/18 Successful Case:Tobacco factory in China
2014/02/13 Winmate TI Cortex A8 – HMI (Human Machine Interface) Product Family
2014/02/07 Winmate M700DM4 Rugged Tablet PC with 1.5GHz Quad-Core Cortex A7
2014/01/29 Winmate IB32SB7-101 Compact Industrial Box PC
2014/01/24 Winmate M970D Rugged Tablet now with HF RFID
2014/01/10 Winmate Flat touch Panel Computers and Displays
2014/01/08 Rugged Computing at Winmate
2014/01/06 Winmate, Sierra, u-blox Global Partner Event at Embedded World 25th February 2014
2013/12/23 Winmate 7-inch Multi Touch Panel PC for Access Control Solution
2013/12/19 READY FOR ANDROID ?
2013/12/13 Successful Case : High Voltage Power Line Towers Damage Early Detection
2013/12/11 UL Class 1 Division 2 Industrial Panel PC and Display for Hazloc Application
2013/12/05 Winmate Flat Panel Mount Product Series
2013/11/29 Rugged Form Factors with various type of Operating System
2013/11/25 Successful Case:Hospital in China
2013/11/19 Winmate introduces Industrial Display Product range for various applications
2013/11/05 Unpacking Winmate Industrial Rugged PDA products
2013/10/31 Winmate 10.1" P-Cap Flat touch PPC with Variety of different operating system
2013/10/25 Winmate Rugged Android 4.1 based PDA and Tablet PC series
2013/10/22 Successful Case: Convenient Store in Taiwan
2013/10/17 Winmate Rugged ARM based Industrial Panel PC Now with Windows CE 7.0
2013/10/14 Winmate Flat Panel Mount with two touch options -- P-CAP and Resistive
2013/10/09 Winmate opens North American service center
2013/10/01 Come See Winmate’s GIS solution at INTERGEO 2013!
2013/09/30 Giving customer a choice: Android version of 10.1" P-Cap multi touch Panel PC
2013/09/25 Winmate Vehicle docking for M970D Tablet PC
2013/09/18 Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX certified fanless stainless steel Panel PC for Hazardous Location
2013/09/13 Winmate showcases military-grade full product line at DSEI 2013, London
2013/09/12 Winmate C350M2, next-gen 3.5-inch Rugged PDA
2013/09/06 Faster and more power-effcient :Winmate's Panel PC with 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors (Ivy Bridge)
2013/09/03 Winmate 15-inch Stainless Panel PC are now certified for Hazardous application
2013/08/28 Winmate E430M2, 4.3-inch ruggedized jelly bean
2013/08/23 Winmate Super-high res 27" Display
2013/08/20 IV7T-RK2U Winmate 2U Rack server with Intel Core i7 processor
2013/08/15 Winmate M700DT4, Android 4.1 version of a popular tablet form factor
2013/08/12 Optional Modules and Configurations in Winmate Industrial PDA series
2013/08/07 Winmate 15-inch Flat Stainless Panel PC and Display is now with Intel Core i7
2013/07/31 Winmate Sunlight Readable Solution for Display
2013/07/25 Winmate Ultra Rugged Tablet PC with Video Capture Card solutions
2013/07/19 Winmate E430M2, next-gen 4.3-inch Rugged Handheld
2013/07/16 Winmate 28-inch Bar-type Panel PC and Display
2013/07/09 Winmate Industrial Rugged Tablet PC comes with Windows 8
2013/07/03 Winmate goes for interface flexibility in 8.4", 10.4", and 12.1" Ultra Rugged Tablet PC
2013/06/26 Projected Capacitive for Display
2013/06/20 18.5-inch P-Cap Chassis PPC and Display
2013/06/17 Winmate C350T comes with Windows Mobile 6.5
2013/06/11 Winmate Wide Range Temperature for 7"-19" Panel PCs
2013/06/05 Rugged Mobile at Winmate
2013/05/30 Winmate Panel PC Product Line with 3rd Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processors (Ivy Bridge)
2013/05/23 Winmate HMI Product Series
2013/05/17 Winmate Handheld devices for warehouse and logistic application
2013/05/15 10.1" Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Panel PC Comes with WiFi
2013/05/10 Winmate LCD Kits
2013/05/03 Winmate Stainless Product series for Panel PC and Display
2013/04/18 Winmate Marine Grade Panel PC and EAC BOX with DNV Certification
2013/04/11 Winmate Industrial Rugged Tablet PC Lineup
2013/04/02 Winmate Rugged handhelds and PDAs
2013/03/28 Winmate True Flat P-Cap Solution for Display and Panel PC
2013/03/21 Winmate 4.3-Inch Industrial PDAs are now with Windows Mobile 6.5
2013/03/14 Winmate 15-inch Stainless Panel PC and Display for harsh industrial environment
2013/03/08 Winmate industrial Display Product range
2013/02/26 M700D, Winmate 7-inch Windows P-Cap Rugged Tablet
2013/02/20 Winmate Marine Grade Panel PC and Display with DNV approval
2013/02/06 10.1" P-Cap Multi-Touch Panel PC with ARM Based
2013/02/01 EAC Box PC Product Series
2013/01/30 P-Cap Panel Mount PPC Series
2013/01/25 Rugged Handhelds and PDAs - Winmate E430T
2013/01/18 Winmate Introduces M970D-W8 with Windows 8
2013/01/11 Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 for Industrial Rugged Handheld Device - E430 Series
2013/01/07 Windows CE- based rugged handheld device
2013/01/02 Winmate Rugged Android Based Handheld device
2012/12/28 Winmate C350T, Rugged 3.5-inch industrial PDA
2012/12/26 S430 product series, Winmate Rugged 4.3-inch Handheld Product
2012/11/16 M700DT4 and M700D, Winmate New 7-inch Rugged Handheld Device
2012/11/13 Winmate Rugged Windows CE - Based Handheld Devices
2012/11/07 10.1" Multi-Touch Flat Panel PC and Display
2012/11/02 Winmate Rack Mount Panel PC features 3rd Generation Intel® Core i5/i7
2012/10/30 Winmate 10.4"-24" Marine Panel PC (Intel Dual Core Atom N2600, 1.6 GHz)
2012/10/23 S430T-CE (Support Win CE 6.0)
2012/10/16 Winmate New Panel PC with 3rd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Processors
2012/10/12 10.1" Multi Touch Flat Panel PC
2012/10/09 Winmate 27-inches Panel PC with Intel® Cedar Trail
2012/10/02 5.7" -10.1" Intel Atom Dual Core N2600 HMI/PoE Panel PC
2012/09/28 E430T 4.3" Industrial PDA with RFID or 1D/2D Barcode reader
2012/09/26 10.1" Multi Touch Flat Panel PC
2012/09/21 Winmate C350T Industrial Rugged PDA
2012/09/14 8.4" ~ 19" Wide Range Temperature IP-65 Display
2012/09/07 Winmate introduces the NEW 19 inch Marine Multi-touch Bridge Displays
2012/09/03 Winmate wide range temperature Range for 10.4"-19" Panel PCs
2012/08/29 M185D 18.5” P-Cap Panel PC
2012/08/24 Winmate M970D 9.7" Rugged Tablet PC
2012/08/21 Winmate Wide Range Temperature 8.4”~19” IP65 Display
2012/08/17 Winmate Durable Stainless Display & Panel PC Series
2012/08/15 Winmate Fills Rugged Handheld Product Family
2012/08/10 9.7" Industrial Rugged Pad
2012/07/30 Winmate Announces the Fanless Sandy Bridge
2012/07/27 Rugged slates and pen computers
2012/07/20 Full Function for All Applications- M185D 18.5” P-Cap Panel PC
2012/07/10 Winmate Wide Temperature 10.4”~19”Cedar Trail Panel PC (Dual Core Atom, 1.86GHz)
2012/07/02 Winmate's EPIH SBC and Box PC - DSEK11
2012/06/15 Winmate Announces the fanless Sandy bridge
2012/06/08 Winmate Internet of Things (IoT) Solution in Computex 2012
2012/05/25 Winmate Convenient OPS All-in-One Solution
2012/05/18 Winmate Full Rugged Tablet and Handheld Series Overview
2012/05/09 Winmate Full HMI Collection Facilitates Industrial Automation
2012/05/04 Winmate Small I/O Expandable ID8C Motherboard Is Designed for Tablet and Handheld
2012/02/24 Winmate Releases New Panel PC with CortexTM A8 Processor
2012/02/08 Winmate Announces Atom™ Dual Core Platform Tablet PC
2012/02/06 Winmate Has Announced Its First Economic Android Rugged PDA - An Alternative IP67 solution to Windows OS
2012/01/11 Winmate announces full range of Atom™ Dual Core platform products
2012/01/02 Winmate Cedar Trail Panel PC (Dual Core Atom , 2.13Ghz) from 7"~ 42"
2011/11/28 5.6" Handheld Device-High Resolution:1024x600 Making Outdoor Work Easier and More Efficient
2011/11/17 AMD Ontario Platform Series Panel PC
2011/10/31 Winmate OPS Solution Series-Standardized solution for pluggable digital signage
2011/10/18 OPS Solution for Digital Signage
2011/10/07 5.7" Handheld Device – Making Outdoor Work Easier and More Efficient
2011/09/07 Open New Evolution for Digital Signage
2011/08/19 Winmate ARM HMI Panel PC Series Support QT Embedded V4.7
2011/08/05 20"Winmate Military Grade Display-Will be shown in Taipei TADIT and London DSEi
2011/07/28 5.7" Handheld Device – Making Outdoor Work Easier and More Efficient
2011/07/22 Winmate Bar type Display Solution – 19 inches available
2011/07/19 Winmate Industrial 3G BOX PC Joins Wireless Control Application
2011/06/30 Winmate 3.7" Rugged Handheld Device is unveiled
2011/06/10 Turn your NEC Display into Signage System
2011/05/23 Winmate launched brand-new AMD® A360 Quad-Display 4xDVI Box PC
2011/05/20 Winmate Bar type Display Solution – 19.2 inches available
2011/05/13 New Generation Intel Atom Dual Core D525 Embedded Panel PC with Fanless Design
2011/05/06 20.1" 1600x1200(UXGA) Display Integrates into High- end Solutions
2011/04/26 ARM-HMI Panel PC Series Expand Flexibility in Small-Size
2011/04/14 5.7" Handheld Device - Making Outdoor Work Easier and More Efficient
2011/04/09 12.1" G-WIN Rugged Series New Released
2011/02/22 An Innovative Design for Digital Signage—42” All-in-One Signage Display Compliant with Intel Open Pluggable Specification
2011/01/31 Powerful Hardware Enhancements in Embedded Computing Family
2011/01/21 7”G-Win Series Facilitate Rugged Application
2011/01/14 Lightweight, portable,and easy used device~ 7-inch Compact Rugged Tablet PC
2010/12/31 PCI Slot Panel PC Series Satisfy User' Multi-demand for I/O Interface
2010/12/17 An Innovative Design for Digital Signage—Display Pluggable Standard (DPS)
2010/12/08 Microsoft and Intel spin Windows Embedded signage platform
2010/12/03 Winmate launces the CAN Bus Rugged Tablet PC for vehicle diagnostic and service information system.
2010/10/22 Winmate provides a new option in EAC box PC product line- The I771EAC Box PC(will be available on Nov. 2010)
2010/10/15 Winmate's 20.1" Military Grade Rugged Console Display will be available in December
2010/10/04 Winmate's ARM-HMI series - Now are available
2010/09/24 Winmate's LED Backlight Display series - All are available now!!
2010/09/17 New version of 10.4" Rugged Tablet PC-Better protection and nice looking
2010/09/03 HMI Panel PC Series Now On Sale
2010/08/20 Introducing 15" Rugged PPC and Rugged Display for Railway Application
2010/08/06 A370 Accelerates the Performance of Digital Signage and Box PC-Impressive MSS970-A3 & A370 Box PC
2010/07/21 A Solid Automobile Solution-IA70 Intel Atom Car Box PC
2010/07/09 New B/L panel for 12.1" Rugged Tablet PC series
2010/07/02 Innovation on the road- Transportation Solutions
2010/06/24 The freedom of 3G now also available for Winmates Digital signage
2010/06/18 Bus Bundle-Seamless 3G integration
2010/05/15 A370 & I371 Motherboards have been revealed from now
2010/05/07 Winmate has unveiled DSEK-10, the Digital Signage Evaluation Kit in May, 2010
2010/04/08 Introducing 10.4 inches Green Fanless Panel PC adapted with PCMCIA Expansion Slot
2010/04/02 Full Range of Embedded Computing Solution fulfill your business needs
2010/03/24 Intuitive and interactive learning experience-10” Wireless Interactive Whiteboard
2010/03/18 G-WIN Full IP67
2010/03/11 Winmate's Interactive Network Player-MSS550T Make Your Signage More Interactive and Effective!
2010/03/04 Uninterruptible Charger Box is available
2010/02/11 Winmate offers high performance class of LCD-65 inch 10-Bit Color LCD
2010/02/05 Winmate Launches New Rugged Tablet PC Series-Hot-swap Second Battery for Extended Operating Hours!
2010/01/28 Winmate Tradeshow Events-Invitation for CeBIT 2010
2010/01/21 Success Story of Bus Bundle Solution
2010/01/14 15 inch Atom Based Wide Range Temperature Panel PC is available
2010/01/07 Winmate Releases High Brightness LED Backlight Solutions for Outdoor Applications
2009/12/31 Winmate Launches New Accessories for Rugged Tablet PC Series--Vehicle Mount Docking Station with Car Charging
2009/12/24 A High-Performance Server to manage Signage Players via Web Browser
2009/12/17 Winmate offers high performance class of LCD-55 inch 10-Bit Color, 120Hz LCD
2009/12/11 Winmate Launches New Rugged Tablet PC Series-Hot-swap Second Battery for Extended Operating Hours!
2009/12/04 Winmate's Access Management System - a new Product Line for your safety!
2009/11/27 New 46" High brightness LCD-maximum impact for your display
2009/11/19 G-Win 15" Rugged Series Panel PC
2009/11/13 Smart Signage Display is Accelerated By WiFi Mobility
2009/11/05 Winmate's LED Backlight Solutions - 17~21.5 inches available
2009/10/30 Individual CPM module protects your electronic device in Transportation, and Save on Energy
2009/10/22 Winmate's 1U Rack Server – Meet the needs of performance intensive and low-power embedded applications
2009/10/15 Winmate 2010 Next Generation Digital Signage Solution Debut - Compact, Intel North Harbor BOX PC
2009/10/09 Winmate's 120 Hz display solutions
2009/10/01 Durable Stainless Standalone Media Player Integrated LCD - 15~19 inches available
2009/09/17 Winmate's LED Backlight Solutions
2009/09/10 Winmate's Access Management System - a new Product Line for your safety!
2009/09/03 G-WIN 15 inch Panel PC Series complies with the standard of MIL-810F/461E
2009/08/28 Powerful New Features to Enhance Your Digital Signage Application
2009/08/20 Winmate is launching the new military grade series Display and Panel PC, which are designed for the use in extremely harsh environments
2009/08/13 Winmate Rugged Tablet PC I880 Core2Duo Series on
2009/08/06 New OSD Control for more convenient and user-friendly Control on our New Marine Bridge System Panel PCs and Displays - Series 2.
2009/07/31 10.1" Value Line Panel PC Well worth it's value!
2009/07/16 Extend your vision on the road with Ultra Rugged Transportation Display
2009/07/14 Winmate is having a sale on 15" ATOM POS
2009/07/02 Winmate Newslette:Computex Digital Signage Experience Tour & Education IT
2009/06/26 22" LCD and PPC Value Line Series designed for Portrait Mode
2009/06/18 Winmate I980 Atom Z530 Series reviewed by
2009/06/04 Modular Smart Display with 3G Mobility Plus
2009/05/27 Digital Writing Pad - Intuitive, Interactive and Creative!
2009/05/21 New 46" High brightness LCD-Highest impact with your content
2009/05/14 Increased Performance-Winmate GM45 Products
2009/05/07 Computex 2009 2 June - 6 June Invitation-letter
2009/04/30 Winmate's first Experience Tour - arranged for you during Computex 2009
2009/04/24 Standalone Bus Digital Signage-Easily Plays Your Advertisement
2009/04/16 Winmate New Dual Display PC
2009/04/09 A dream comes true! The world's first Rugged Tablet PC with more than 10 hours operating time – Available now from Winmate
2009/04/02 A Huge Success for Winmate at CeBIT 2009-Rugged Tablet and Full-IP65 products aroused enthusiastic response from each visitor.
2009/03/20 Winmate Outdoor Solution Bundle
2009/03/13 Enrich your public display system with optional modules, Remote OSD control and scheduling gives you more choice and flexibility
2009/03/05 The innovative way to present legendary art, history or technology more unique and educative
2009/02/26 1st Edition of "Your Winmate" Magazine for Spring 2009
2009/02/20 Medical Rugged Tablet PC - Say Goodbye to the Clipboard and Unwieldy Patient Files!
2009/02/12 Flash Network Player - Box-Enjoy the stunning effect of Flash at reasonable cost !!
2009/02/05 Save Money During Recession!-The first Fanless Atom dual display BOX PC in the world
2009/01/22 3 Min. to Know Why You Need a Winmate Rugged Tablet PC - 1st with Atom Platform in the World
2009/01/12 Winmate rolls out a Mini DC Converter
2009/01/06 ATOM Full Size Panel PC Released