Product Change Notification (PCN)

Date Reason Subject Affected Product Line
( Affected Products )
2021/04/16 Product EOL Panel W10H1 EOL Panel PC,Display
( W10FA3S-GSH1(HB),W10IB3S-GSH1(HB),W10L100-GSH1(HB),W10IB3S-GCH1(HB),W10IB3S-OFH1,W10IB3S-PMH1,W10IB3S-IPH1,W10IB3S-CHH1,W10FA3S-OFH1,W10FA3S-IPH1,W10IB3S-SPH1-B,W10L100-PMH1,W10L100-CHH1,W10L100-OFH1,W10L100-IPH1,W10L100-GCH1HB-C,W10L100-PCH1-POE,W10L100-PCH1HB,W10L100-OFH1HB,W10L100-PMH1HB )
2021/03/31 Product EOL M101B / M101H will no longer be sold on official website. Windows Rugged Tablets
( M101B,M101H )
2021/03/10 Spec. Update M133 Series Change IO cover holder Design. Windows Rugged Tablet
( M133W, M133K )
2021/02/23 Spec. Update ECDIS Marine Panel PC Upgrade CPU to IntelR 5th Gen. Core i5-5350U ECDIS Marine Panel PC
2021/02/23 Product EOL Product End-of-Life (EOL) Notification of M270TF Series Display
( M270TF, M270TF-MIL, M270TF-SDI )
2020/12/28 Spec. Update Winmatex86 tablet change default OS image to Win10 LTSC/LTSB Windows Rugged Tablet
( ( Win10 IoT Enterprise LTSB: M101B/ BT/ BL, M101H ), ( Win10 IoT Enterprise LTSC: M900P/ PT, M101P/ PR, M101S, M116P/ PT, M116K, M133W, M133K, M133WK ) )
2020/12/28 Spec. Update Winmate changes the standard VC-M116 DC-in voltage to 9~36V. Windows Rugged Tablet Accessoriers
( VC-M116 )
2020/11/30 Spec. Update M101P update CPU stepping version to F1 and touch controller version. Windows Rugged Tablet
( M101P、M101PR、M101P-ME )
2020/11/30 Spec. Update M101P Medical series product changes appearance color. Windows Rugged Tablet
( M101P-ME )
2020/11/30 Product EOL Winmate releases a new 10.4” Android Vehicle Mounted Computer FM10Q series to replace the FM10A Vehicle Mounted Computer
( FM10A )