Product Change Notification (PCN)

Date Reason Subject Affected Product Line
( Affected Products )
2021/09/23 Product EOL E430RT Series EOL Rugged Handheld Computers
( E430RT-C, E430RT-M )
2021/07/19 Product EOL Remove R12M2 Type C Display from Winmate website Display
( R12L100-GCM2-C, R12L100-POM2-C )
2021/07/07 Product EOL Remove W22M1 Display from Winmate website Display
( W22L100-PMM1, W22L100-CHM1, W22L100-IPM1, W22L100-OFM1HB )
2021/06/21 Spec. Update For product improvement, Winmate Android Rugged Tablets and Handheld Computers Series will upgrade the barcode reader module from Honeywell-N6603 to Honeywell-N6703. Android Rugged Tablets, Android Rugged Handheld Computers
( M700DQ8, M900Q8, M900QT/QT-H, M101Q8-ME, E430RQ8 )
2021/06/15 Spec. Update E430RM4L, E430RT-C and E430RT-M change the touch screen, and the OS version needs to upgrade. E430 Series Rugged Handheld Computer
( E430RM4L, E430RT-C, E430RT-M )
2021/06/08 Product EOL R08IH8M-RTU1GP/R10IH8M-RTT2GP will no longer be sold on official website. Ultra Rugged Tablet PC
2021/06/08 Spec. Update R19IHAT-66EX change default CPU from IntelR i7-4650U to IntelR i5-4300U. ATEX Panel PC
( R19IHAT-66EX )
2021/06/07 Product EOL M-Series PPC changes new MB, which from CPU version of Kaby lake to Tiger lake. M Series HMI
2021/05/31 Spec. Update For product improvement, Winmate Rugged PDA and Tablet series product will upgrade the barcode reader module from Zebra SE4500 to Zebra SE4750. Android Rugged Tablet, Android Rugged PDA
( M700DM8, M101M8, E430RM4L, E500RM8 )
2021/05/03 Product EOL Winmate releases a new 10.1” Rugged Android Tablet M101Q8-ME series to replace the M101M8 series. The M101M8 series will be removed from the official website. Rugged Tablet PC
( M101M8 )