Winmate multi-touch HMI with NXP A9 i.MX6 platform indside support either Android or Linux operating systems that opens many software customization possibilities in the field of industrial IoT applications and machine control. Available in panel mount or standalone housing, all HMI series feature wide onboard connectivity options for connecting peripherals and machine-to-machine communications that open endless possibilities for applications in industrial field. Further projected capacitive multitouch screen allows any individual to operate the device. Experience intuitive user controls, zooming, tapping, scrolling and more gestures on Winmate HMI device!

S-Series HMI
S-Series HMI (Panel Mount/Standalone)

Winmate S-Series HMI are slim, smart, and interactive. Designed for building automation, meeting room management and industrial control applications, the S-Series HMI feature the latest PoE standard IEEE 802.3at 25W power input, LED status side light bar, RFID and optional webcam.

E-Series HMI
E-Series HMI (Panel Mount)

Winmate E-Series HMI designed for the growing demand in Industrial IoT applications. The design features fast and convinient panel mounting with mouting clips.

PT-Series HMI (Standalone)
EL-Series HMI

Winmate EL-Series HMI is an ultra-leight HMI built for industrial IoT. All necessary interfaces in a compact form factor. Use it either for machine controller or embedded applications.