Push-button extension for built in B Series Stainless Multi-touch Panels

Control Panels with push-button extension enable the application-specific arrangement of electromechanical buttons and directly on the operating unit. The flat mechanical buttons on the front panel serve as function keys for users to define the functions, directly connecting to the sensors for the fast response when it comes to authorized user control or emergency situations. The front panel also contains a large emergency button to provide a simple, intuitive and quick way for the operators to shut down the process when an emergency situation occurs, preventing them from wasting too much time navigating through HMI screens.

Highlighted Features

  • Emergency and Flat buttons for automation device control
  • SUS 316 stainless steel for food and chemical industries
  • Full IP65 waterproof enclosure, good corrosion resistance
  • Rotary switch to adjust different touch mode for Hand/Rain/Glove application
  • Fanless cooling system
  • A true flat, easy-to-clean front surface with edge-to-edge design
  • Supports VESA mount