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Weekly Product Change Lists

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2012/09/22~2012/09/28 Winmate Weekly Product Change Lists

New Release:

No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Panel PC W10ID3S-PCH1 2012/09/24-New Release
2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
2 Panel PC W10ID3S-PCH1-POE 2012/09/24-New Release
2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
3 Panel PC R15IV7T-OFC3 2012/09/26-New Release
4 Panel PC R17IV7T-OFM1 2012/09/26-New Release
5 Panel PC R19IV7T-OFM1 2012/09/26-New Release
6 Panel PC W22IV7T-OFA3 2012/09/26-New Release
7 Panel PC R15IV7T-PMC3 2012/09/26-New Release
8 Panel PC R17IV7T-PMM1 2012/09/26-New Release
9 Panel PC R19IV7T-PMM1 2012/09/26-New Release
10 Panel PC W22IV7T-PMA3 2012/09/26-New Release
11 Panel PC R15IV7T-IPC3 2012/09/26-New Release
12 Panel PC R17IV7T-IPM1 2012/09/26-New Release
13 Panel PC R19IV7T-IPM1 2012/09/26-New Release
14 Panel PC W22IV7T-IPA3 2012/09/26-New Release
15 Panel PC R15IV7T-CHC3 2012/09/26-New Release
16 Panel PC R17IV7T-CHM1 2012/09/26-New Release
17 Panel PC R19IV7T-CHM1 2012/09/26-New Release
18 Panel PC W22IV7T-CHA3 2012/09/26-New Release
19 Panel PC W07ID3S-PMA2PD 2012/09/26-New Release
20 Panel PC W10ID3S-PMH1PD 2012/09/26-New Release
21 Rugged Tablet PC R05I98H-RTD1/3R 2012/09/28-storage max change to 128GB
2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
22 Rugged Tablet PC R05I98H-RTD1/3B 2012/09/28-Storage max change to 128GB
2012/09/28-Datasheet Release


No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Industrial Displays R10L600-IPP1 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
2 Industrial Displays R10L600-PMP1 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
3 Industrial Displays R08T100-OFA1 2012/09/26-Datasheet Release
4 Industrial Displays R15L100-CHA3WT 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
5 Industrial Displays R17L500-CHA1WT 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
6 Panel PC W19IA7T-OFM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
7 Panel PC W19I77T-OFM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
8 Panel PC W19I77T-CHM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
9 Panel PC W19I77T-PMM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
10 Panel PC W19I77T-IPM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
11 Panel PC W19I37T-OFM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
12 Panel PC W19I37T-CHM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
13 Panel PC W19IA7T-CHM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
14 Panel PC W19IA7T-PMM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
15 Panel PC W19IA7T-IPM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
16 Panel PC W19I37T-PMM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
17 Panel PC W19I37T-IPM3 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
18 Embedded Systems IV7T-RK2U 2012/09/25-Datasheet Release
19 Marine Grade W24L100-MRA1HB 2012/09/26-Datasheet Release
2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
20 Marine Grade W24L100-MRA1ID3S 2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
2012/09/24-Datasheet Release
21 Rugged Tablet PC R05I98H-RTD1 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
22 Rugged Tablet PC R05I98H-RTD1/3G 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
23 Rugged Tablet PC R05I98H-RTD1/R 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
24 Rugged Tablet PC R05I98H-RTD1/B 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
25 Rugged Tablet PC E430T 2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
26 Rugged Tablet PC W05I98H-RTT1 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
27 Rugged Tablet PC W05I98H-RTT1/3G 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
28 Rugged Tablet PC W05I98H-RTT1/B 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
29 Rugged Tablet PC W05I98H-RTT1/3B 2012/09/28-Datasheet Release
30 Rugged Tablet PC E430T-BR2 (1D/2D) 2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
31 Rugged Tablet PC E430T-RF (RFID) 2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
32 Rugged Tablet PC R10IS8M-RTU1GP 2012/09/26-Datasheet Release
33 Rugged Tablet PC R10IS8M-RTT2GP 2012/09/26-Datasheet Release
34 Rugged Tablet PC R12IS8M-RTM7GP 2012/09/26-Datasheet Release
35 Rugged Tablet PC E430T-BR1 (1D) 2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
36 Rugged Tablet PC E430T-BR1L 2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
37 ModuleSmartDisplay W46L100-OML2 2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
2012/09/27-Datasheet Release
2012/09/27-Datasheet Release

Off Shelves:

No. Product Type Model Name Description