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Weekly Product Change Lists

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2013/02/02~2013/02/08 Winmate Weekly Product Change Lists

New Release:

No. Product Type Model Name Description


No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Industrial Displays R19L300-OFA1 2013/02/07-Datasheet Release
2 Industrial Displays R19L100-POM1 2013/02/04-Modification:Change modle name to R19L300-POA1/R19L340-POA1
3 Industrial Displays S17L500-POM1/S17L540-POM1 2013/02/04-Modification:Change modle name to S17L500-POM1/S17L540-POM1
4 Embedded Systems F65EAC-ID31 2013/02/08-Datasheet Release
5 Embedded Systems F65EAC-IV32 2013/02/08-Datasheet Release
6 Marine Grade R15IV3S-MRM2 (Core i7-3517UE) 2013/02/06-Datasheet Release
7 Marine Grade R19IV3S-MRA2 (Core i7-3517UE) 2013/02/06-Datasheet Release
8 Rugged Tablet PC C350T 2013/02/08-Datasheet Release
9 Rugged Tablet PC E430M-3HF (RFID HF) 2013/02/06-Datasheet Release
10 Rugged Tablet PC E430M-3BC (1D) 2013/02/06-Datasheet Release
11 Rugged Tablet PC E430M-3BL (1D Laser) 2013/02/06-Datasheet Release
12 Rugged Tablet PC M700T4 2013/02/07-Datasheet Release

Off Shelves:

No. Product Type Model Name Description