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Weekly Product Change Lists

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2016/11/12~2016/11/18 Winmate Weekly Product Change Lists

New Release:

No. Product Type Model Name Description


No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Industrial Displays W07T700-OFA2 2016/11/18-Datasheet Release: 1.Add Remarks W07T700:VGA only;W07T740:VGA+Video. 2.Add I/O description for VGA.
2 Industrial Displays W07T700-OFA4 2016/11/18-Datasheet Release: Add Remarks W07T700:VGA only;W07T740:VGA+Video.
3 Industrial Displays R2AH-200A - 1920x1200 (HDMI Solution) 2016/11/14-Datasheet Release: New release.
4 Industrial Displays G2A-130A 2560×1600 2016/11/14-Datasheet Release: Add description on DVI-D(Single link)and temperature.
5 Embedded Systems I330EAC-IH3 2016/11/17-Datasheet Release: Revise dimensions from 296x2144x71mm to 296x169x66mm.
6 Marine Grade W24L100-MRA1HB 2016/11/15-Datasheet Release: Revise Brightness 900nits to 1000 nits.

Off Shelves:

No. Product Type Model Name Description