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Weekly Product Change Lists

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2017/12/09~2017/12/15 Winmate Weekly Product Change Lists

New Release:

No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Rugged Tablet PC M133WU 2017/12/15-New Release


No. Product Type Model Name Description
1 Panel PC W07FA3S-EHT1 2017/12/13-Modification:docs
2 Panel PC W32IK7T-PCA3 2017/12/11-Modification:Change chipset to C236
2017/12/11-Modification:Revise CPU
3 Panel PC W24IK7T-IPA2 2017/12/11-Modification:Revise CPU
4 Panel PC W24IK7T-PMA2 2017/12/11-Modification:Revise CPU
5 Panel PC W24IK7T-OFA2 2017/12/11-Modification:Revise CPU
6 Panel PC W24IK7T-CHA2 2017/12/11-Modification:Revise CPU
7 Embedded Systems FA30SB3-210 2017/12/12-Datasheet Release: modify the picture
8 Rugged Tablet PC M101B Standard 2017/12/13-Modification:PICTURE
9 Rugged Tablet PC M133W 2017/12/15-re-upload
10 Rugged Tablet PC M800BW 2017/12/12-reupload

Off Shelves:

No. Product Type Model Name Description