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Marine Successful Stories

In maritime activities and naval forces, rapid, reliable and durable technology is mission critical. Winmate's Marine series products feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing, going beyond military standard compliance, to ensure safety and performance. The newly designed Marine Panel PC, Display and EAC Box delivers connectivity, and the ability to control and power multiple devices at once, while meeting marine equipment standards IEC 60945, DNV 2.4, and IACS-E10 (international standard for maritime navigation and radio communications equipment and systems).

Marine Bridge


  • Automatic Identification System Class B Transponder and Electronic Chart System On board

Main Challenges

  • The display supplied shall comply with Class "C" IEC 62376 ECS standard and designed to plot and monitor a vessel's position.
  • The display supplied shall comply with RTCM Standard 10900.5 (RTCM: The Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services)
  • The ECS shall be enclosed such that it is water resistant and splash proof under sheltered environment.
  • The updates of charting material shall be distributed to the craft either through telcomm 3G Network or Wi-Fi.
  • Display size shall not be smaller than 9 inches with display resolution 1280x800 pixels or better.
  • The display shall support touch screen function.
  • The display shall provide a mean such as the universal service bus or equivalent to process and display charting material.

Marine Simulator

The Marine Panel PC can be applied for several different installation methods, including panel (flush) mounting, bracket mounting, VESA mounting. For a use in a ship’s wheelhouse or bridge, the main mounting approach is panel (flush mount). The Marine Panel PC comes with clamp mounts that enable you to install the unit onto a wall (where space has been cut out to accommodate the rest of the hardware) or into console where a flush mount is needed.