Winmate Warranties

Winmate provides 1 year product manufacturer’s warranty from the date of shipment from Winmate to the customers. For any non-conformance or defects caused by Winmate’s manufacturing processes, Winmate will provide repair or replacement without labor and material charges.

Optional: Premium Warranty

Winmate also offers an extended warranty provides you with budgetary ease and convenience plus the peace of mind that any problem will be solved quickly and effectively. Extended warranty services are offered up to 3 years.

Product Longevity program (PLP) :

In response to the manufacturers who are troubled by securing "stable supply of parts", Winmate offers "Product Longevity Program (PLP)" that maintains the stable supply for 5 years and supports customers' long term production plan. When purchasing Winmate’s products, customers do not need to worry about the service components shortage problem.

Warranty Benefits:
  • Dedicated customer support delivered by fully qualified technicians
  • All repairs are performed in a Winmate Authorized Service Center using Winmate-approved parts
  • Standard and streamlined after-sale service, maintenance and repair
  • We take control of the repair process to give you a hassle-free service plan

  • Warranty Procedure
  • Complete the RMA request form on our website
  • After approval, ship the RMA unit to Winmate Authorized Service Center
  • Upon receipt our technician will diagnose and repair the RMA unit
  • The unit will be tested to ensure it is in proper working order
  • The repaired unit will be shipped back to required address
  • The services will be provided within a reasonable time
  • Winmate Inc.