Industries & Solution

Founded in 1994, Winmate INC. is a worldwide leading Industrial Display solution provider with an excellence in display technology. Our customer consists of commercial accounts, original equipment manufacturers, equipment maintenance companies, value-added resellers, gamming, and numerous transportation facilities. Sometimes our knowledgeable customers provide excellent ideas to us for product development. We know the best what our customers need. Based on the requirement of applications, we've created many bundle solutions as sales guides to help our customer win each project!

Industrial IoT

IIoT & Edge Computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives. IoT has the greatest potential to improve operator productivity in production plants, improving the accuracy of warehouse management and inventory monitoring, reducing non-technical operations losses and enabling smart product tracking. (...more)

Healthcare Solutions


Technology has long played an imperative role in streamlining hospital operations and improving patient care. In hospital environments, performance, reliable and accurate image reproduction is imperative. From medical images to patient data, the hospital environment is a complex ecosystem that requires advanced technology to keep it running smoothly. (...more)

Food Industry, Beverage & Chemical Solutions

Food Industry, Beverage & Chemical

Whether it is the actual processing of the food or the packaging of the food, automation is everywhere in today’s modern food plants. Plant floor automation helps keep costs down and food quality up. The stainless series was developed for food processing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries where there is a need for water resistant devices that can withstand daily wash-downs to keep a clean food production facility. (...more)

Retail Solutions


In the era of rising customer’s expectations from digital natives and disruptors retails struggle to adapt. Meanwhile new technologies bring more opportunities to those who already implemented it. Automated retail solutions with integration of machine learning, computer vision, sentiment analysis provide valuable data to enhance customer experience and can increase annual revenue growth by up to 10%. (...more)

Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil & Gas

Oil rigs and remote pipeline locations are some of the most dangerous and challenging work environments anywhere. When looking for electronics to support these environments, devices must stand up to three key requirements. (...more)

Vehicle Diagnostics solutions

Vehicle Diagnostics

With our increased reliance on computers monitoring car sensors and control systems, the entire automotive system must be designed to be safety-critical to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles. To improve the quality and reduce errors in these systems, automotive OEMs and suppliers require good diagnostic tools to detect and discover any faults that appear in automotive systems. (...more)

Warehouse & Logistics solutions

Warehouse & Logistics

In the warehouse environment, the ability to mount mobile devices and computers to forklifts, trucks, taggers, and inventory pickers is essential for productivity purposes. From inventory management to order fulfillment, asset tracking, shipping and receiving, the warehouse floor is complex ecosystem that requires highly efficiency technology to keep things running smoothly. (...more)

Marine Solutions


To meet the regulatory requirements of the marine industry, Winmate offers certified solutions for shipping navigation, monitoring & surveillance, and ship automation systems. Winmate understands the needs of the marine industry and provides solutions to industrial challenges. (...more)

Military Solutions


Winmate's military panel PC and display are designed to be industrial grade, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and performance, going beyond military standard compliance . Winmate understands the needs of military industry and provides a solution to industrial challenges. (...more)

Field Services solutions

Field Services

Field service workers face various challenges working in remote locations and unfamiliar environments and every minute of downtime results in lost revenue. Access to important information and wireless communications are top priorities for workers to be able to provide fast service. Winmate provides rugged mobile solutions that are capable of increasing productivity in the field. (...more)

Heavy Duty Solution

Heavy Duty

sectors and require rugged computing solutions that must be tough and durable enough to withstand the harshest environments. These computers must be designed and reinforced to be rugged enough to handle the shock and vibrations of the vehicles. (...more)

Factory Automation Solution

Factory Automation

As technology evolves and regulatory demands significantly increase, modern factories not only need a way to track processes but also a visualization of each important production step. Numerous data figures collected throughout each shift require a screen to display production status and a dashboard for better control and process optimization. Optimized processes facilitate reduced total cost of ownership, minimize time-to-market and enhance production quality. (...more)



Winmate provides total solution for information display and computing for railway transportation. In the control room, Winmate offers displays of various sizes, and a full array of mounting options for limited installation space in trains. For computing needs, our EAC computer box provides I/O, thermal, and anti-shock requirements in a train. (...more)



Smart grid has become a future trend to maximize electrical power efficiency. Winmate provides 2U embedded industrial automation controller series to meet customer renewable energy request. Our 2U series has passed the IEC 61850-3, IEC 60068-2-64, and IEC60068-2-2, the standards that ensure the quality operation of substation. (...more)

Public Safety

Public Safety

Technology advancements dramatically disrupt the public safety agencies. Emergency and public safety facilities use process automation to improve workflow and speed up the reaction time. With modern technologies police, emergency services are able to react 24/7. Intelligent automation solutions enable safe city programs using advanced video analytics to help city monitors rapidly identify threatening crowd behavior, flood risks and suspect objects among others, facilitating collaboration among various agencies. (...more)