Client Billing Log

What is this technology?

The management software gets the client playing report from the internal storage of the client. There are three log files for analysis.

  • ClientBaseInfo: Contains file name and total playback time based on each client.
  • FileBaseInfo: Contains client name and total playback time based on each file.
  • XXX.XLS: Can be imported to EXCEL for statistics.

How does this technology work?

Record playlist in the internal storage of client, information including media filename, start time/end time of playback, date of playback, and client name.


The playing log file is a very valuable proof to show to customers that the Network Player units really do the advertising media in where and when.


  • Shopping Mall
  • Chain Store
  • Train Station
  • Office Building

Applicable Products

The Client Billing Log feature is implemented in all Network Player Gold products and integrated display from 7" to 42".