Full Range display Interface

What is this technology?

Through Winmates own design LCD controller board, we can accept our customers various video signals and convert them into the most popular TFT-LCD panel from 3.5 up to 56.

How does this technology work?

First, the received analog signal will be converted into digital signal (A/D process). Then, through video scaling unit (Scaler), the controller board adjusts the size of signal according to different TFT-LCD panel resolution and tunes the signal output sequence via Timing Control unit. At the last, the interface convert unit will transform the signal format into the correct format required by the panel.

How we test and verify this technology?

Winmate have pattern generator that can produce the wide range and standard video signal. Our professional testing team will testing all available standard signal to each of those panels which listed on our website as well as all panels in the LCD kit selector (www.lcdboardkit.com) to ensure the best quality of image, no flickering, no nosie, full screen, and best color presentation. Our testing is also dedicating on the compatibility test with all available video source signals. The long time burn in test and multiple steps on the full range testing are all required on the approvals of each panel.

Technology / Function Diagrams


Check out our LCD kit selector to save your development time and achieve your time-to-market easily. Find the right Kits for your LCD with our easy-to-use solution selector. This provides a choice of matching AD Control Board for you LCD panel and a list of related accessories. http://www.lcdboardkit.com/index.asp

Below are the example of the connection of the LCD controller board and the internal cables and as well as the external cables and accessories.

Designed to match the needs of your LCD panel, the accessories of LCD kit have several components included: AD board, inverter, inverter cable, OSD, OSD cable, and panel cable. Other accessories are also available upon your request.

PowerDC Adapter
DC Adapter 12V 48W 4A Length: 1.8M
Power Cord
Power Cord US Type Length:1.8m
speaker 8[ 2W*2 4p L=40/R=30cm
Audio Cable
stereo audio cable 3.5mm2.0M
VGA Cable
VGA Cable DB15p, Male/Male, 180C Length: 1.8M, Black
AV Cable, RCA- Yellow
S-AV Cable Male/Male, Black
DVI Cable, 24p, Male/Male, Black