Industrial Challenges


All Winmate Marine series products design and testing are according to DNV Standard for Certification 2.4, IEC60945 and IACS-E10. Winmate Marine series products are now certified by Det Norske Veritas Classification AS (DNV). Winmate reliability test ensure optimal performance in harsh maritime environments, including exposure to dry heat, extreme temperatures, humidity, high voltage, shock and vibration. A neat, logically designed and cleanly implemented economical solution that provides great flexibility and customizability, Winmate Marine Panel PC is rugged enough to never break.

Panel Options

Since maritime applications have a wide range of display size requirements, Winmate offers our RUGMATE marine panel PC with screens ranging in size from 8.4 inches all the way to 19 inches. Marine grade computers may also encounter various lighting situations, and so most display sizes are available either with transflective screen technology or a high brightness display. Further, all models are available with one of three touch and glass options:

Anti-reflective protective glass
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch
5-wire resistive touch


As far as sunlight viewability goes, there are numerous combinations of display and touch technologies and backlight intensities. For the transflective displays Winmate states a "net reflectance rate" of betwen 0.9% and 1.3%. For the protective glass option Winmate state reflection of less than 0.6%. Backlight intensity for the transflective displays is between 400 and 500 nits whereas high brightness panels offer 800 to 1,000 nits. Note that actual sunlight readability is determined by a variety of factors, most importantly the overall effective contrast ratio (for more information).

Design and electronics

Physically, Winmate's marine grade panels have powdercoated aluminum housings designed for panel mounting, with VESA mounting available as well. All connectors are in the back, facing down.

The sturdy aluminum housing has anti-corrosion protection and carries an IP54 sealing rating, with certain front panel options rated at IP65 (see above). Standard operating temperature is 14 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, with a special wide-range option (-4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) available. The RUGMATE panels can handle significant vibration and shock as well as operation in high humidity.