Motion Detect

What is this technology?

Motion detect is the action of sensing physical movement in a given area. Motion can be detected by measuring change in speed or vector of an object or objects in the field of view. This can be achieved either by mechanical devices that physically interact with the field or by electronic devices that quantifies and measures changes in the given environment. The application of Motion Detect including:

  • Home/Office/Factory Security System
  • Intelligent Illumination System
  • Alarm System
  • Air Condition System
  • Digital Signage System

How does this technology work?

When a moving object is detected by PIR (Passive InfraRed sensors), the Digital Signage System will either turn on the LCD backlight or boot up the system. At this moment, a clock starts to count down. If no moving object is detected in a pre-defined period of time, the Digital Signage System will either turn off the LCD backlight or shut down until a moving object is detected again.

Technology / Function Diagrams


  • Save power
  • Grab more attention
  • Carry out the most effective advertising


  • Indoor / Outdoor Advertising
  • Retail Store
  • Shopping Mall
  • Public Bulletins

Products use this technology

The Motion Detect feature is now available in Digital Signage product by customer’s request. Please contact our sales representative for more information.