Remote Display Control (RS232 Controller)

What is this technology?

Using the software control from PC,we can control the OSD setting of the remote display like Power on/off, Brightness、Contrast Control, etc.

  • Reserve the corresponding function code in firmware of LCD controller.
  • Design the application through this function code in PC side.
  • Send function code to LCD controller through RS232 port.
  • G2A executes the function which is corresponding function code.

How does this technology work?

We have added the RS-232 parameters protocol on the BIOS of A/D Board. So users can use normal PC to send RS232 parameters to A/D Board and then they can control all the OSD (on-screen-display) functions remotely.

Technology / Function Diagrams

  • Can provide customer's FUNCTION CODE LIST and allow customer to develop applications.
  • It is able to reach all functions of IR including: Brightness, Contrast, Audio, Channel Switch, Power ON/OFF.
  • It is able to operate on PC or customer's Media Player (with RS232 function)


Please note that the command table for G2A1xx series (our default shipment for large size) differ from G2A2xx series (for component input shipment).