Thermal Analysis

By using thermal simulation software, Winmate can analyze real-world thermal problems easily, quickly and accurately. With a new breed of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools, this simulation is based on the same mathematical foundation as traditional CFD software but is easy to use. Figure 1 shows the flow chart of our thermal analysis process.

Almost every real-world thermal problems can be easily, quickly and accurately analyzed and solutions can be recommended by computational results. Prototypes can be made after the designs pass the thermal simulation so that cost including time, money and manpower can be down. Figures 2 ~ 4 are the simulation results of one of box PCs.

The calculation will consider at least below factor: Major component’s material properties, Thermal Design Power, Fan curve, Ambient/ External flow condition, Heat flow, Default Emissivity, the emissivity of all heat sinks and materials.

The output report is visualized and ready for our thermal engineer to work on.

Below is an example case Before the improvement

And here is the result after the improvement