Wide Temperature Range System Technology

What is this technology?

Our selected Mitsubishi Electrics TFT-LCD modules are designed to deliver optimum performance over a wide range of temperatures (Panel operating temp. from -20 to 70 degrees C) in order to accommodate for diverse industrial applications such as outdoor Kiosks in winter and summer.

How does this technology work?

With our heater electronic control mechanism with temperature sensors, the heater control board can control the heater on or off and then regulate the internal system temperature change.

(In generally test condition, real case should depend on your panel and mechanical selection). At the low temperature condition, the mechanism starts from pre-heating process and then the LCD panel turn on when its 4 degrees Celsius. When the internal temperature drop below 7 degrees, the heater will be turned on again to keep the system on and keep the temperature above 0 degree Celsius.

On the other side, at the high temperature condition, the mechanism maintains the power switch to protect from overheating. The power will turn off when over 65 degrees C, and will back to turn on status when the internal temperature drop back to 55 degrees. With advanced fan cooling system design, the turn-off temperature can also be applied on this mechanism. Combined with mechanical NMEA/IP degree front bezel and other technical module integration, the wide temperature range system technology shows excellent reliability in harsh environment application.

Technology / Function Diagrams


  • Wide range temperature LCD panel
  • Heating control sub-system


  • Outdoor KIOSK
  • Theme park POS
  • Industrial Automation
  • Heavy-duty Vehicles

Products use this technology

Winmate provides wide temperature range products and panel specification as below:

LCD Size Panel Specification
6.5 OT:-20~+55 degree C
ST:-20~70 degree C
MTBF:50K Hrs
8.4 OT:-20~+55 degree C
ST:-20~70 degree C
MTBF:50K Hrs
10.4 OT:-20~+55 degree C
ST: -20~70 degree C
MTBF:50K Hrs
12.1 OT:-20~+55 degree C
ST: -20~70 degree C
MTBF:50K Hrs

OT:-20~+55 degree C
ST: -20~70 degree C
MTBF:50K Hrs